Camp Cyokamo
Christian Youth of Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma


Christian Youth Of Kansas Arkansas Missouri Oklahoma

The purpose of Camp CYOKAMO is to assist the churches in leading people to faith and maturity in Jesus Christ. To fulfill our purpose, we commit ourselves to provide: Bible knowledge through teaching and preaching, an atmosphere for worship and celebration, interaction with Christian leaders and youth, motivation to consider ministry as a life-time vocation, and a well-rounded environment of recreation and fellowship.


Chapel services rock at CYOKAMO. Whether it’s at the morning Student Led chapel (which you can be a part of), evening Chapel service, or Campfire devos, you are sure to have an encounter with God. The praise and worship services are led by various worship bands that are sure to lead you before the throne of God. The Speakers, through their Biblical messages, will challenge you to go deeper in your walk with Christ.


It’s always a blast seeing all of your camp buddies from previous years and meeting new people as well. At each camp there are students from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.


Afternoons at camp have always been a great time to hit the pool. Camp CYOKAMO features two pools. The deeper and bigger of the pools offers diving boards while the smaller shallow pool is great for pool volleyball or just kicking back and wading in the nice cool water. Now you can also enjoy hanging out by the pool on the deck that over looks it!


If volleyball is your game then we’ve got the court for you! Sand volleyball is always a hit with campers who enjoy demonstrating their spikes and digs.


Check out our mid-afternoon 3 on 3 tournaments or just shoot around on your own. We've got a court for you! Camp CYOKAMO has a great Hockey arena. Bring your blades, helmet, and pads. It’s also great for skateboards. If tennis is your thing, we've got a court. We also have our annual dodgeball tournaments on the tennis courts! I've attached pics for basketball and tennis courts.


We've got a sweet course at Camp CYOKAMO for 4th grade students and up. It's some serious fun to be able to go out and conquer the course. Our friendly staff is there to make sure that each game is played safely and fairly. We have paintball markers (guns) and masks available for you to rent, or you can bring your own. If you do bring your own, your youth leader will check these in at the office and you can pick them up each time you go out to play. Click here to view paintball expenses.


The canteen is our snack bar. All items are $1 each. Full cards are $10 and half cards are $5.


The swag store is full of t-shirts, water bottles, beach towels, hoodies, hats and much more. Most t-shirts are $10 each. Click here to view all items and prices.


Offerings are collected at Missions and Chapel times to help support various missions.