Camp Cyokamo
Christian Youth of Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Packing List

Packing List: Parents, please have a conversation with your child about keeping track of their belongings and how to hang up wet items. LABEL EVERY ITEM!

▢ Pillow and Bedding (Dorms have A/C) - either a sleeping bag or sheets and blanket for twin size bed

▢ 1-2 outfits for each day and a sweatshirt for evenings

▢ Personal hygiene items (keep in mind campers will carry items to and from community bathrooms)

▢ Swim towel, shower towel and wash cloth

▢ Swimsuit (Girls must wear a one piece swimsuit or dark t-shirt over a two piece)

▢ A plastic bag for dirty/wet clothes

▢ Flip-flops (shoes are required to and from pool)

▢ Flashlight

▢ Bible/Notebook/Pen

▢ Sunscreen

▢ Bug Spray (required if participating in paintball)

▢ Clothes for paintball: long sleeve shirt, long pants, old tennis shoes (4th-6th Grade - High School Camp only)

▢ Optional: ball glove, skateboard, discs for frisbee golf

▢ A great attitude!